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Bando 669-18.2-30 Kevlar CVT Drive Belt (QMB shortcase)

1P39QMB shortcase / Tire Size 3.50-10" Rim

Description: Bando Brand Premium Kevlar CVT Drive Belt size 669x18.2x30 are made in Japan, not China version. Its material used is Aramid aka “Kevlar” which is used in making bullet-proof vests. Aramid characteristics reduce belt stretching and stress that can adversely affect the quality of belt engraving performance while preserving long belt life. Recommend for heavier duty off-road application. Standard fit for 139QMB 50cc 4-stroke ATVs and Street Scooters with 10-inch rear wheel shortcase engine.

NOTE: How tell if you have 139QMB longcase or shortcase? If the distance from variator nut to clutch bell nut is 8.75", then it takes a 669-CVT belt which makes it a shortcase. If the distance from variator nut to clutch bell nut is 10", then it takes a 729-CVT belt which makes it a longcase. For we can’t always tell by rim size alone, for example if the 139QMB Scooter has a 10" rim it can be tire size 3.50-10 (use 669-CVT belt shortcase) or have a tire size 130/90-10 (use 729-CVT belt longcase).


Include the following one belt.

•    Aramid Bullet Proof Vest Reinforce Material
•    Length: 669mm (Loop 12.461 in.)
•    Width: 18.2mm (0.717 in.)
•    Height: 9mm (0.354 in.)
•    Groove Angle: 30°
•    Made in Japan
•    Fit 10" Rear Wheel Shortcase Engine
•    Fit QMB 49/50cc+

Supported Models: GY6 139QMB 49cc-50cc engines, Buddy50, Filly 50, Kymco, QLink, RoughHouse, SYM, TaoTao, Bintelli Beast 50cc, Bintelli Bolt 50cc, Bintelli Scorch, Wolf Blaze, Wolf CF-50, Wolf M1, Wolf R1, Wolf V50, Wolf W1

Item Weight & Product Dimensions:
•    0.20 pounds | 13.169” (L) x 0.717” (W) x 0.354” (H)

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Bando 669-18.2-30 Kevlar CVT Drive Belt (QMB shortcase)
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