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Naraku Cylinder Head 52.4mm 94.9cc 2V 23/20 (139QMB)

Naraku Cylinder Head 52.4mm 94.9cc 2V 23/20 (139QMB)

Description: Naraku Cylinder Head 52.4mm 94.9cc 2V 23/20 for 139QMB 49/50cc 4-stroke engines. Common problems with stock cylinder heads on the Chinese 4-stroke engines are generally known to be expensive repair maintenance costs. Chinese replacement cylinder heads for GY6 engines are only of medium build-quality at best. Help comes in the form of a well-manufactured replacement cylinder head from NARAKU, made for Taiwanese manufacturing.

The Naraku Cylinder Head is supplied fully assembled with valves and springs and is ready for installation. The cylinder head has been deliberately produced without an SLS connection. The result will be an increase in performance, and the head can be mounted on any 139QMB 4-stroke and Kymco 50cc scooters. Whether equipped with or without SLS, it will be closed off and the exhaust connections blanked. Suitable for GY6 50cc Chinese-built 139QMB 4-stroke engines and Kymco 50cc 4-stroke engines. This is same cylinder head comes in complete Naraku Cylinders’ Combo 52.4mm (Part# NK100.52).

NOTE: Most stock 139QMB cylinder head's valve height is 69mm which comes standard with its 69mm rockerarm. This Naraku Cylinder Head's valve height is 64mm and will work only with a 64mm rockerarm only. If you need a set of 64mm rockerarm see Part# 151-101 sold separately.


Includes the following Cylinder head, and Valve assembly.

•    1x Cylinder Head Stud Space: 50mm / H: 60mm / Intake Port: 20.8mm / Exhaust Port: 18.7mm
•    2x Valves: 23x64mm Intake / 20x64mm Exhaust / Stem: 5mm / (w/intake valves) H: 66.1<67.3mm
•    6mm Intake Threads 
•    6mm Exhaust Threads
•    Made in Taiwan
•    Fit 6mm Intake Studs
•    Fit 6mm Exhaust Studs
•    Fit 64mm Rocker Arm 2V Assembly
•    Fit 50mm Stud Spacing /Diagonal 70.5mm
•    Fit Cylinder
52mm 2V
•    Fit Dowel Pin Set (8x14mm)
•    Fit QMB 49/50cc+

Supported Models: GY6 139QMB 49cc-50cc engines, Buddy50, Filly 50, Kymco, QLink, RoughHouse, SYM, TaoTao

Item Weight & Product Dimensions:
•    2.194 Pounds | 5.322" (L) x 5.290" (W) x 2.610" (H)

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Naraku Cylinder Head 52.4mm 94.9cc 2V 23/20 (139QMB)
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