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Taida Crankshaft 66mm 4V 8200 Stroker Set (GY6)

Taida Crankshaft 66mm 4V 8200 Stroker Set (GY6)

Description: High-Quality Taida Crankshaft 66mm 4V 8200 Stroker extends GY6 standard 57.8mm stroke to 66mm adding an 8.2mm longer stroke. In combination with the Taida Cylinder 63mm Big Bore, it will produce a 205cc engine displacement or with Taida Cylinder 67mm Big Bore will produce a 232cc engine displacement!!

NOTE: Taida Crankshaft 66mm 4V 8200 Stroker Set is for 4V Cylinder/head comes with cylinder stud set 218/225mm and cam chain 48 (96) link. For use with Taida 2V Cylinder/head setup requires cylinder stud set 200/208 and cam chain 47 (94) link instead with the same Taida Crankshaft 66mm (8200).

Temperature Modification May Be Required: You'll need to heat the aluminum crankcase area where the Taida Crankshaft bearing side will be placed, in order to immediately fit the frozen crankshaft bearing, seating flush in place. Users assume full responsibility and risk doing so using this Taida Crankshaft.


Includes the following Crankshaft stroker, Cam chain, and Cylinder Studs.

•    1x Crankshaft L: 285mm / Stroke L: 57.8mm +8.2mm (8200-micron) = 66mm
•    1x Piston Wrist Pin Slot ID: 15mm
•    1x Flywheel Shaft Thread: M12 x 16mm
•    1x Flywheel Shaft Bearing: 56mm x 22mm x 15mm
•    1x Variator Shaft Thread: M12 x 16mm
•    1x Variator Shaft Splines: 19
•    1x Variator Shaft Bearing: 56mm x 22mm x 15mm
•    1x Cam Chain 48 (96) links 4V
•    1x Cylinder Studs: 218mm 225mm 4V
•    Made in Taiwan
•    Fit Intake Studs: M6 / Nuts: M6 Socket: 8mm
•    Fit Exhaust Studs: M8 / Nuts: M8 / Socket: 10mm
    Fit Flywheel/Variator Shaft Nuts: M12 / Washers: M12 / Socket: 17mm
•    Fit Starter Clutch / Nut: M22 / Washer: M22 / Castle Socket: 28.7<37.6mm
•    Fit Cylinder Stud Nuts: M8 / Washers: M8 / Socket: 12mm
•    Fit 57mm Stud Spacing (B-Block)
•    Fit 57mm Rocker Arm 4V Assembly
•    Fit Dowel Pin Set (
•    Fit Dowel Pin Set (10x20mm)
•    Fit Cam Chain Guide (A & C) 4V
•    Fit 57mm Cylinder Head 63mm to 67mm 4V
•    Fit Woodruff Keys
•    Fit GY6 125/150cc+

Supported Models: Taida Crankcase (Part# GY6-KS-S / GY6-KS-L); GY6 161QMK 161QML Chinese Scooter, ATV, Kymco, Ruckus, Vento

Item Weight & Package Dimensions:
•    6.888 pounds | 11.5" (L) x 5.25" (W) x 4.75" (H)

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Taida Crankshaft 66mm 4V 8200 Stroker Set (GY6)
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