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CDI Ignition Coil

Scooter performance cdi, cdi, ignition coil, ac cdi, dc cdi, and universal cdi.

Brand: Ban Jing Model: 169-320
Description: 2-in-1 Ban Jing High-Performance Microchip Programmed CDI + Direct Ignition Coil Spark for use on 50cc-500cc, 4-stroke Scooters. Ignite your vehicle's true performance potential! This High-Performance CDI+ Direct Ignition Coil Spark gives stronger ignition/firing, a complete combustion ..
Brand: Ban Jing Model: BJ-TRIO-PAK-GY6
BAN JING ULTIMATE TRIO-SET includes:Ban Jing High Torque StarterDescription: Ban Jing High Torque Starter motor for 125cc 150cc GY6 4-stroke Chinese Scooter, ATV, Ruckus, Vento. This Starter Motor is recommended for any GY6 with a Big Bore Kit or extended crankshaft.NOTE: THIS IS NOT FOR GY6 139QMB ..
Brand: NCY Model: 0900-1075
Description: Bring your scooter to the 21st Century! NCY's Coil-on-Plug ignition system provides 10kV more per spark and optimum timing precision over a conventional HT lead. The build quality on this is second-to-none! Overall, you will see the ability to build a more aggressive and more efficient ..
Brand: NCY Model: 0900-1005
Description: This NCY performance scooter CDI igniter module works on most current AC GY6 50cc/150cc scooters made in China using the 139QMB/157QMJ engine. Higher voltage output, aggressive mapping as well as the removal of your rev limiter make this ideal for custom builds, or just simply trying to..
Brand: NCY Model: 0900-1076
Description: So, you're tired of the mid-thirties MPH you're getting from your stock Ruckus? This CDI advances ignition timing & removes the factory rev-limiter. This Upgrade is ESSENTIAL to unleashing all the potential power from your stock engine & an absolute must for anyone planning futu..
Brand: NCY Model: 0900-1078
Description: Two-prong high tension coil. Provides solid and consistent spark and increased ignition power. Fits most 139QMB 50cc and GY6 125 and 150cc engines, as well as Honda Ruckus. This also includes the spark plug cap!Specifications:•    EPDM rubber insulation 15KV/mm²• &nb..
Brand: NCY Model: 0900-1042
Description: High-Quality Lightweight racing stator assembly for most 139QMB engines. Will work on most 139QMB engines with three wire output (Yellow, White, Blue/White) including Kymco Mongoose 90.NOTE: Will not work on Kymco Mongoose 50/70. This is intended for race purposes and, in turn, holds NO..
Brand: NGK Model: 8048
Description: Resistor covers may be required for power sports applications when spark plugs alone don't provide sufficient noise suppression. NGK #8048 Racing Power Cable designed to reduce electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, which can interfere with electronic ignition co..
Taida Stator 8-Pole Racing Performance Kit (Honda Dio)
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Brand: Taida Model: DIO-FLY
Description: High-Quality Lightweight racing stator assembly for Honda Dio AF18 and most AF16 engine without woodruff key. Similar to MVT digital ignition on Minarelli without groove on the rotor. Please make sure to have timing tool (micrometer or Dial) and to set the timing properly. The timing ad..
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