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Description: TRS GY6 Anklebiter Open CVT Drive Cover! This Drive cover is CNC Machined from a solid 6061 Aircraft-Grade Billet Aluminum! Attention! This item does require the removal of the OEM CVT cover, which also removes the OEM kickstart assembly. Be sure your electric starter is in good working..
Brand: TRS Model: TRS-AO1265
Description: TRS GY6 Anklebiter Ultimate Open CVT Drive Cover! This Drive cover is CNC Machined from a solid 6061 Aircraft-Grade Billet Aluminum! This is the NEW Ultimate CVT cover includes a 0.13" thick stainless steel 'backing plate' to help prevent case cracking, along with covering the ugly insi..
Brand: TRS Model: TRSASK
Description: TRS Axle Spacer Kit aka wheel spacer kit is to center wheel with an aftermarket front hub normally used with Douglas, TRS, or other Ruckus wheels. You may have to add using a washer or remove by file a couple of thousand off the spacer as we have no control over how far the rim man..
Brand: TRS Model: TRS-IA001-AL
Description: TRS Intake Clocking Flange 15° Angle for GY6 125/150cc 4-stroke engines. Running a forward-facing carb, and having problems with how high the carburetor sits? Some carbs have a problem when angled too high in the front, and this can cause the engine to not run right, and have probl..
Brand: TRS Model: TRS-IR001-AL
Description: TRS Intake Manifold Riser for GY6 125/150cc 4-stroke engines. Are you running a fatty, and have problems with the intake manifold hitting the frame? Or would you just like the forward-facing carb to sit more on-center in the bike to look better? Then you want this product.The CNC m..
TRS Oil Cooler 17mm Kit (QMB, GY6, Universal)
Brand: TRS Model: TRS-OC6600
Description: This oil cooler kit is the perfect addition to your high performance or bone stock GY6. More oil, cooler oil, equals lower engine temperatures, longer oil life, and longer engine life in all riding conditions. Includes all hardware and lines to install. Will fit almost any engine with 1..
Brand: TRS Model: SCT-TC190-PWK
Description: High-Quality TRS replacement throttle cable 76" with 45° angle mount for CP, PHBG, and PWK carburetors on GY6 125/150 4-strokes, Honda Ruckus, Honda Dio/Elite, Yamaha Zuma 2-stroke as well as 2-stroke scooters from manufacturers such as Aprilia, Malaguti, Derbi, and any use with 70..
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