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Brand: Koso Part #: 128-11
Description: Koso Air Filter Hurricane Performance for Honda Grom 125cc. Using the Hurricane Multi Air Filter Intake (DK623000) by Koso will increase airflow, improve filtering efficiency and raise engine output performance. This high-quality foam filter is easy to assemble and disassemble..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-12
Description: Koso Airbox Tube for Honda Grom, Honda Monkey 125cc. Koso's Air Box Connecting Tube (DM623000) has been developed to link Koso's 34mm throttle body and the stock airbox. Fits Air Box with 40.5mm Opening. Compatible with 2014-2021 Honda GromSpecifications:Include the follo..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-23
Description: Koso Cam Chain Tensioner Reinforced for Honda Grom, Honda Monkey 125cc. The Koso High-Performance Cam Chain Tensioner (MU623000) is made from high-quality materials that could save your engine from expensive damage. Koso came up with this long-lasting solution to replace the O..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-9
Description: Koso Camshaft 2V for Honda Grom, Monkey 125cc engine. The Koso 240 Degree Performance Camshaft (MM623002) will give you great results at high RPM. This camshaft can be used with a stock engine, but will even give better results with the Koso 170cc big bore kit. Made from quality ma..
Koso Camshaft A12 2V (GY6)
Brand: Koso Part #: KOSO-A12
Description: High-Performance Koso Camshaft A12 2-Valve designed specifically for the GY6 Engine. This cam is ideal for increasing low-end power. With its increased leading slope and later intake valve opening makes this the perfect upgrade to go along with your larger displacement cylinder, b..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-27
Description: Koso Clutch Enhanced Lifter Plate Kit for Honda Grom 125cc. The main difference between the Koso Clutch Enhanced Lifter Plate and the stock one is its strength. Koso's CNC Lifter Plate (FA623K00) is stronger in order to provide better durability and stability to the clutch during r..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-26
Description: Koso Clutch Kit for the  Honda Grom, Honda Monkey 125cc. When it comes to the transfer of power from your engine to the ground, the clutch components are one of the key factors. The Koso High-Performance Heavy Duty Clutch Kit (FA623002) has 60% stiffer clutch springs along with hig..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-18
Description: Koso Cylinder 61mm 170cc 4V with Forged Piston for Honda Grom, Honda Monkey 125cc Engine. This complete 170cc Big Bore Kit with 4V Cylinder Head Kit is the perfect add‑on for all horsepower enthusiasts looking for performance! It includes a 170cc ceramic coated cylinder, forge..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-6
Description: Koso Cylinder 61mm 170cc Big Bore Kit with Forged Piston for Honda Grom, Honda Monkey 125cc Engine. Want to unleash all the power your Honda Grom can handle? Koso's 170cc Big Bore Kit (MB623002) is the perfect addition for you! The kit includes a ceramic coated cylinder, 61mm forge..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-7
Description: Koso Cylinder Gaskets 61mm Set Fit 21.5mm for Honda Grom, Honda Monkey 125cc engine.NOTE: Recommend prep clean with alcohol the metal cylinder gasket prior to applying copper spray on metal cylinder gasket, timing gasket, and transmission cover gasket ONLY. All else gaskets yo..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-2
Description: Koso Cylinder Head Thermometer Mini 3 for Honda Grom 125cc. The Koso Mini 3 Cylinder Head Temperature Meter BA003245 is specially designed for the Honda Grom. Its peak recall function will allow you to see the maximum temperature reached. Compatible with 2014-2021 Honda GromSp..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-33
Description: Koso Exhaust Gasket 28.5mm Steel for Honda Grom 125 4-stroke engine.Specifications:Include the following Exhaust gasket.•    1x Exhaust Gasket OD: 32.5mm / ID: 28.5mm / H: 4mm•    Material: Steel•    Made in Taiwan•   &nbs..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-32
Description: Koso Ignition Coil High-Performance +Cap for Honda Grom, Honda Monkey 125cc. Koso's high-performance ignition coils are designed using the most advanced materials on the market today. The stronger spark generated by the Koso ignition coil results in more horsepower, smoother idling, and..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-14
Description: Koso Intake Manifold 30.5mm for Honda Grom, Honda Monkey 125cc.Features:Includes the following Intake manifold, Clamps, and Gasket.•    1x Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold / PTFE Coated•    1x Vacuum Port ID: mm / OD: mm•    1x Manifold Gasket I..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-3
Description: Koso Multifunction Digital Speedometer DB-03R for Honda Grom 125cc. his plug & play DB-03R is the perfect addition for your Honda Grom. Its changeable blue, orange or purple backlight makes it very easy to read at night, even at high speed. The integrated indicator lights provi..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-20
Description: Koso’s High-Flow Oil Pump (NF239000) for 125/150cc GY6 engines is strongly recommended for those who upgraded their engine with a Big Bore Kit. The addition of this high-quality part will increase the oil flow by 20%, which is a very effective modification that will help prevent engine ..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-17
Description: Koso Oil Pump SuperFlow for Honda Grom, Honda Monkey 125cc. Koso High-Flow Oil Pump (NF623000) for the Honda Grom and Honda Monkey is strongly recommended for those who upgraded their engine with the Koso 170cc Big Bore Kit and 4v Cylinder Head. The addition of this high-quality pa..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-8
Description: Koso Piston Forged 61mm Set 170cc for Honda Grom, Honda Monkey Engine. Compatible with 2014-2021 Honda GromSpecifications:Includes the following Piston + Rings, Wrist pin, Locking rings.•    1x Forged Piston: 61mm*•    5x Piston Rings: 61mm / Thick: 0.8|0.8|2.0•..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-13
Description: Koso Rubber Intake for Honda Grom 125cc. Koso's Rubber Intake (DM623K10) The main function of this intake is to meet the demand of a larger cylinder and therefore improve air intake volume for better efficiency. Compatible with 2014-2021 Honda GromSpecifications:Include t..
Brand: Koso Part #: KO-BF019J02
Description: Koso Speed Sensor with White Connector. Specifications:Include the following Speed sensor.•    1x Speed Sensor•    Length (choose one): 1150mm, 1350mm, 1550mm and 2000mm•    Made in TaiwanSupported Models:  Universal-----Item Weight &..
Brand: Koso Part #: KO-BB026001
Description: Koso Speedometer XR-01S. Fully-fledged universal speedo with state-of-the-art technology, homologated for ATVs, motorbikes, and scooters. With a selection of km/h or mph and new tire circumference adjustment (adjustable 1000–2500mm). With the optionally available brackets, it can e..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-15
Description: Koso Throttle Body for the  Honda Grom, Honda Monkey 125cc. As the throttle body and intake manifold are used to control the amount of air flowing to the engine combustion chamber, they are important elements of the intake system. Using Koso 34mm Throttle Body (DY623013) in co..
Brand: Koso Part #: 128-21
Description: Koso Variator 115mm Set for your GY6 125/150cc transmission! This variator dissipates heat better, has an increased CVT range, and has an optimized ramp design for improved acceleration!NOTE: For some models like the Polaris RZR 170 you'll need to widen the Koso Vari..
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