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Brand: Malossi Model: M-6112729
Description: Malossi CVT Kevlar Belt 745-16.6-28 are known for their high stability and temperature duration, which prevents slipping or snapping under the most demanding situations. Its material used is Aramid aka “Kevlar” which is used in making bullet-proof vests. Aramid characteri..
Brand: Malossi Model: 3113243
Description: Malossi Cylinder 52mm 88cc Big Bore Kit w/Cast Piston in aluminum with hard chromed liner for 139QMB 49/50cc 4-stroke Chinese Scooter. The bore = 87.9cc capacity. The original head may be retained according to the manufacturer, but only super unleaded should be used due to the..
Brand: Malossi Model: 339780
Description: Malossi Sticker Set on a large sticker sheet A3 size (420mm x 297mm) from Malossi with different sizes, easy peel-n-apply, stickers from the same sheet as the iconic Malossi lion logo, MHR logo, etc.Specifications:Include the following Maloss..
Brand: Malossi Model: 237914B
Description: Malossi Variator Boss Stainless Steel length 35.7mm x outer diameter 20mm x inner diameter 14mm for Honda DIO 50cc-90cc scooter engines. NOTE: THIS IS NOT FOR EARLY MODEL (PRE-1994) AF05E Engines. Recommend using a new belt with this kit. Belt and the ..
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