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OKO Carburetor CVK 26mm (139QMB, GY6) OKO Carburetor CVK 26mm (139QMB, GY6)
ETA 4 - 10 Days
Brand: OKO Part #: 169-276
Description: OKO High-Performance 26mm CVK Carburetor for 50cc 4-stroke QMB139 engines. Includes an electric choke and accelerator pump. 24mm intake manifold set recommended. Carb can also be used as a replacement item on standard 125cc engines. Air filter connection: 42mm. Intake connection: 32mm. ..
Brand: OKO Part #: 114-34
Description: OKO 30mm High Performance, After-Market CVK Carburetor for 150cc and 125cc GY6 4-stroke engines found on full-size street legal scooters, ATVs, and off-road karts. This carb will help your performance engine breathe easier and goes well with a big-bore cylinder. Air filter connection: 4..
Brand: OKO Part #: 114-71
Description: OKO High-Performance PWK Carburetor without Power Jet. Choose from 19mm to 30mm sizes. This Model Does Not Have The Power Jet. Please See Related Items For PWK with Power Jet. Choose from OKO Carburetor PWK venturi side opening 19mm to 30mm sizes.Please select the size carburetor: 19mm,..
Brand: OKO Part #: 114-74
Description: OKO High-Performance PWK Carburetors in a Black Finish. Choose Sizes From Drop Down Menu. This Model Does Not Have The Power Jet. Please See Related Items For The PWK with Power Jet. May Come With Either a Black or a Yellow Choke Lever.NOTE: It may come with either a blac..
Brand: OKO Part #: 114-23
Description: OKO High-Performance PWK Carburetors with Power Jet for 2-strokes engines. It will also work 4-stroke engines just need to block off power jet '0' rpm use Part# 114-64 (sold separately). Choose from OKO Carburetor PWK venturi side opening 19mm to 30mm sizes.NOTE: Please select..
Brand: OKO Part #: 169-5
Description: OKO Clutch Racing for use in GY6 125cc-150cc+, Honda PCX 125-150cc (2010 and newer), and many others. SSP-G Clutch Racing increases the contact surface to the clutch drum and reduces clutch slipping.Installation: 1. Slack the belt by opening the CVT clutch gives belt slac..
Brand: OKO Part #: 114-45
Description: This OKO clear float bowl aka fuel bowl is made by Hoca to be used with PWK type carburetors. The clear float bowl aids in tuning as you can easily check the fuel level, make sure float levels are at the right height and check for debris or sediment in your fuel.Specifications:Incl..
OKO Starter Motor High-Torque (139QMB) OKO Starter Motor High-Torque (139QMB)
ETA 4 - 10 Days
Brand: OKO Part #: 169-507
Description: OKO High-Torque Starter Motor for 139QMB 49/50cc 4-stroke engines. This Starter Motor is recommended for 139QMB with a big bore kit or 44mm crankshaft.NOTE: THIS IS NOT FOR GY6 125/150cc+ (See Part# GY6-PM001). Recommend install heavy gauge no.10 electrical..
Brand: OKO Part #: 169-491
Description: OKO High Torque Starter motor for GY6 125/150cc 4-stroke Chinese Scooter, ATV, Ruckus, Vento. This Starter Motor is recommended for any GY6 with a Big Bore Kit or extended crankshaft. NOTE: THIS IS NOT FOR 139QMB 49/50cc (See Part# GY6-PM002). Recommend install heavy gauge no...
Brand: OKO Part #: 169-274
Description: High-Quality Lightweight OKO Stator Fan Performance shiny chrome painted for 139QMB 49/50cc 4-stroke engines.An excellent fan on stator flywheel for air cooling. This item sits on the alternator rotor aka stator flywheel and is attached with 4 bolts (sold separately, Part#&nbs..
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