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TRS CVT Cover Slotted Black (Ruckus GET)

TRS CVT Cover Slotted Black (Ruckus GET)

Description: TRS CVT Cover Slotted Black for Honda Ruckus GET 49/50cc 4-stroke engines. The TRS VIP Series open CVT drive cover aka Anklebiter. Want the look of the GY6 open CVT? Is your clutch always running hot and slipping. Helps prolong the life of belt and Clutch pads since heat is released. No problems running in the rain. This Drive cover is CNC Machined from a solid 6061 Aircraft-Grade Billet Aluminum with 7 Stainless bolts and Washers included.

Attention! This item does require the removal of the OEM CVT cover, which also removes the OEM kickstart assembly. Be sure your electric starter is in good working order! This part exposes the belt drive of the CVT transmission and allows the pulleys to spin in the open air. 

NOTE: GET engine, drive face, clutch bell, and starter motor - not included, sold separately. Caution must be taken when using this product! This is intended for show purposes/off-road use only and should not be used on a public road or highway! You are responsible for any damage this product may cause to you personally or any other objects/personal property.

Installation: 1. Slack the belt by opening the CVT clutch gives belt slack to the variator side. 2. Then install the variator drive face while lifting the slack belt further away from the center boss if done properly should not see any splines between variator drive face slop-side and boss flat-side. Should be flushed together. 3. Then install the existing variator fan, washer, and hand-tight nut. 4. Finally, apply blue Loctitetorque nut to 30-35ft-lbs. For reassurance please consult your manufacturer's variator torque specs.


Include the following CVT Cover Front plate.

•    1x Aircraft-Grade CNC Billet Alumin Solid #6061 Front Plate Thick: 0.25"
•    Color: Black
•    Made in the U.S.A.
•    Fit Variator: 95mm / Weights: 16x13 / Slides: 3 /  Boss: 20mm / Shims: 20mm / Drive Spline: 19 / Nut: M12 / Washer: M12 Socket: 14mm
    Fit Clutch: 105mm Sheave33.5mm / Shaft Pins: 6mm / Nut: M10 / Washer: M10 / Bearing Seat47.4mm / Bell Spline: 22 / Socket: 17mm39mm
•    Fit Belt Size: 660-18-28 (Fit Metro ONLY)
•    Fit Belt Size: 785-18-30 (Fit Ruckus ONLY)
•    Fit Compression Spring: 1k1.5k2k rpm
•    Fit Clutch Springs: 1k1.5k2k rpm
•    Fit Dowel Pin Set (8x10mm)
•    Fit GET 49/50cc

Supported Models: NCY CVT KIT (Part# 1200-1220); Honda Ruckus GET all U.S. Model, Honda Zoomer NPS50, and virtually any scooter engine with these measurements.

Item Weight & Package Dimensions:
•    1.4 Pounds | 18.5" (L) x 6.75" (W) x 0.75" (H)

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TRS CVT Cover Slotted Black (Ruckus GET)
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